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Children have the hardest time when their parents go through a divorce. So many things have to be taken into account when a relationship divides and children are involved. The first issue to be considered is where the children will live, and whether the parents have established a high level of cooperation and communication in order to achieve a shared child custodial arrangement. A host of factors are taken into account when a relationship divides and children are involved. Some of the factors considered include the age of the children, the extent of each parent's participation in the parenting roles throughout their children's lives, where each parent settles after the divorce, and the work schedules of each parent. The primary consideration by Washington judges, and myself as you and your families' advocate, is always the best interests of your children.

Some of the additional items to be considered and included in your final Parenting Plan or Residential Schedule are: transportation arrangements; a pre-kindergarten schedule and a regular school schedule depending on the children's ages; defined holiday start and end times each year; annual vacations; decision making; and a method of determining future disputes in the parenting plan if and when they arise.

Child support is based on each parent's financial need, the lifestyle the family has been living, each parent's income and what the needs of the children are. Through this it is determined what each parent's share will be, and I work with you to set up a payment schedule.

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Determining the amount of time each parent will enjoy with their children throughout their minor years is one of the more contentious issued divorcing couples face. It is not uncommon for scheduling to become a serious problem or for a parent to wish to move somewhere else for a "fresh start". Unfortunately, in a great deal of circumstances, extenuating circumstances exist, of either the children (such as special needs or limitations), or the parents (such as substance abuse, physical limitations beyond their control, domestic violence, or mental health concerns) that require more time, consideration, tact and diplomacy. Special considerations and even limitations on one parent's time may be necessary in both temporary and permanent plans. All of these things and more need to be factored into each unique and individual parenting plan or residential schedule.

Each parent has a responsibility for his or her children and in the majority of cases; each parent should have time with his or her children. I will work with you to tailor your agreement to your new lifestyle so that you can move on and still contribute to the lives of your children, whether you are a custodial parent or a noncustodial parent.

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