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When You Need To Make A Change

Child support is just that: Money paid by the noncustodial parent to support his or her child. As children grow, their needs change. They may have fewer doctor visits but more sessions with an orthodontist. When they reach age 18, they are considered adults and no longer in need of support, but that may not be the case. When you need to make changes to your child support agreement, contact me, Lori Saxion. I'm a Kent child support modification attorney.

Two Ways To Make A Change

In Washington, there are two ways to make a change to your child support agreement: adjustments and modifications. Adjustments are based on periodic reviews of the agreement. We can file for an adjustment if two years have passed since your agreement went into effect, your or your ex had a change in income, or if one of your children has turned 12 years old and has entered a new support category. Adjustments usually take a month or less to accomplish.

Modifications Are For Major Changes

Modifications can be made when something major has happened, such as a layoff, an illness that prevents you from going to work, or one of you goes to jail and you can no longer make child support payments. You can also seek a child support adjustment if your child turns 18 before he or she finishes high school. If you file a motion for increased child support and you have children from different relationships, you must file separately for each child.

Child Support Enforcement

If your ex is not keeping up with child support payments, I can help. Together, we can work through the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services to obtain the support your children need.

Call For An Appointment

Whether you need to modify or enforce your child support agreement, you can count on me as your lawyer to represent you in all aspects of the case. Contact The Law Offices of Lori M. Saxion for a consultation.

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