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Community Property In Washington State

Washington is a community property state. In general, that means that any property you owned before you married belongs to you and property you acquired after the wedding is community property. When you need a Kent asset division attorney, turn to The Law Offices of Lori M. Saxion, PLLC.

Division Of Assets

Most people think first of the family home when it comes to division of assets. But there are plenty of other assets to take into consideration, such as pensions, vehicles, boats and travel trailers, furniture and antiques, life insurance policies, bank accounts, and stocks, bonds and mutual funds. If you own a business that may be considered a marital asset. And then there's the issue of pet custody. When you're headed for divorce, you don't want to leave anything on the table.

Division Of Debt In Divorce

Like many couples, you have probably accumulated your share of debt, too. Your debts will need to be added up, divided and paid off before the divorce is finalized. As your lawyer, I can help you determine what you own and what you owe and help you negotiate a fair division of both assets and debt.

Evaluation And Investigation For Hidden Assets

Occasionally, when making an evaluation of marital assets, I will find that one spouse has squirreled away some assets that the other doesn't know about. Sometimes a vengeful spouse will accumulate more debt without the other's knowledge in order to saddle them with a greater burden after the divorce. As your attorney, I have the resources to find these hidden assets. I can also get a judge to issue a temporary financial restraining order.

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I would be pleased to meet with you and discuss any questions you may have regarding asset division or other aspects of divorce. Contact me to set up a case evaluation.

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