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There's More To A Business Than Bricks And Mortar

When it comes to dividing up the marital pie, a business is frequently counted as one of the assets. But dividing business assets is more complicated than parceling out the desks and chairs. If you're looking for a Kent lawyer for business asset division, The Law Offices of Lori M. Saxion can help.

Valuing The Business

Placing a value on a business depends not only upon its physical assets such as machinery or real estate and monetary measures such as accounts receivable, but "intangibles" such as good will and reputation. If you've built your bakery into a "destination" in Kent, it will be more valuable than the so-so bakery down the street. Copyrights and trademarks are assets, too. I employ a certified business appraiser to help value your business.

Things People Forget About

There are many business assets that people forget about, such as insurance policies and airline mileage. They have value. When it comes to division of insurance, you want to work with an attorney who has experience in complex property division cases.

Questions? Set Up A Consultation Today.

In a divorce, a business may be awarded to the spouse who had the greater involvement in it, one partner may buy the other out, or the business may be sold and the proceeds split between the divorcing spouses. If you're a business owner in Kent, Washington, and are getting a divorce, you probably have many questions about the effect divorce will have on your business. Contact me today for a consultation.

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