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Seeking Alimony In Washington State?

In Washington, the term "alimony" has been abandoned for spousal support or spousal maintenance. Whatever the terminology, I can help you get the support you need to resume your life after divorce.

How Maintenance Is Determined

When a Washington judge determines maintenance amounts, he or she will make a decision based on each spouse's age, health, prior and current work histories and the length of the marriage. The court decides whether maintenance will be short term — just enough for you to complete schooling or job training and get back on your feet — or long term. Long-term marriages usually result in "permanent" alimony. As a Kent spousal support (alimony) lawyer, I will work with you to determine your immediate and long-term needs. I have more than three decades of experience in presenting maintenance cases to the court.

Maintenance Is Not Just For Moms

Washington is gender-blind when it comes to spousal support. If you were a stay-at-home dad and your wife was the bread winner, you are just as free to seek spousal maintenance as a woman in the same situation. If you have health issues that prevent you from working, maintenance is not an unreasonable request. Don't be afraid to ask!

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Female or male, you have a right to future financial stability. I am a seasoned family law attorney, and I will work with you to secure your rights. Contact me for a case evaluation.

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