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Divorce, Legal Separation and Domestic Partnerships.
Specific areas of representation in divorce (known as "dissolution") or separation, usually include asset and debt division, development of parenting plans and child support orders, allocation of income and debt on a temporary basis through court orders, property division, and maintenance needs. I will help you address needs such as complex property division and business planning, tax planning, and evaluation and investigation of those pesky "hidden assets" concerns. The most important aspect of either process, will always be, your children.

Parenting Plans, Child Custody, Third Party Custody, Private Paternity and Parental Establishment.
There are a number of actions that may be incepted to address the needs of children, whether you are the parent, a father seeking to be established as a parent, a grandparent, or a concerned relative, seeking to establish an enforceable court order granting you access, and decision making authority over a child. There are also causes of action available to limit, suspend, or terminate those rights when you feel a child is at risk, or in harms way. Your parenting plan for your child and your families' needs does not have to be a standard "cookie cutter" schedule, this should be tailored to meet your unique needs, lifestyle, and most importantly, each child's best interests. Together we can accomplish this.

Child Support, Spousal Support, Maintenance.
You need money? I will get it for you! Are you paying too much money and need it adjusted to reflect your true earnings, we can fix that too!

Domestic Violence Protection Orders, Antiharassment Orders.
Emergency situations arise all too often through trying times in family turmoil and crisis situations, unfortunately, many times resulting in domestic violence. Emotional abuse can be stopped, just as physical abuse can be terminated through the use of a variety of restraining orders, no contact orders, protection orders and antiharassment orders. I will also advocate for you and defend you if a family member attempts to wrongfully obtain these orders against you.

Contempt Actions, Post Dissolution Proceedings and Modifications.
Once a family law matter is successfully concluded through an agreed settlement, or trial, there are various methods of addressing issues that my arise in the future, based on changed circumstances, or an individual's failure or refusal to abide by the terms of the final settlement. Child Support Orders, Parenting Plans and even maintenance obligations may be reviewable under certain circumstances. Let me explore these complex avenues of litigation to see if these options are available to you. For those individuals who simply refuse to abide by court orders imposed against them, i.e., failure to pay child support obligations such as medical, post-secondary education, unreimbursed daycare or basic support; or refusal to perform acts required in final Decrees, such as payment of a lien or property settlement obligation: you should aggressively pursue Contempt proceedings that will, in most cases, also reimburse your attorney's fees to obtain the relief.

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